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MarketEdge.ie is a B2B Technical Marketing Company established in 2019 by Susan Humphreys – Digital Marketing Consultant, Mentor, and International Speaker.

Following a successful career managing some of the world’s top technology brands, Susan had a vision to help progressive business owners and entrepreneurs take their technical expertise and craft it into distinctive messaging and marketable content that attracts the right clients to their business. 

The expert team of content writers, social media managers, graphic designers and integrations specialists at MarketEdge.ie has been hand-selected by Susan to ensure the highest quality standards for content and marketing output.

How can we help?

VIP Days

Exclusive full or half-day workshops with Susan focusing on a key area of your business. Development of a marketing plan, social media strategy, email marketing or crafting your signature talk for your anchor activity are just some of the options available on our VIP Days.

Marketing Consulting

Susan is an expert in digital marketing and lead generation strategies for B2B markets. Take an outsider’s perspective to analyse gaps in the business or marketing and identify key growth areas to ensure your brand stays visible and relevant with your target audience. 

Marketing Takeover

MarketEdge.ie is your trusted B2B Technical Marketing Partner offering a variety of Marketing Takeover packages. Social media and communications, content writing for case studies, websites, blogging, and email to full scale management of your marketing profile.   

Do you focus on Process or outcome?



The starting point for any marketing plan, campaign or strategy, should be your messaging. More often than not, we tend to explain what we do when asked the question – ‘What do you do?’ Or ‘What does your company do?’

Our marketing materials, (website, social media bios and profiles, corporate presentations, and personal introductions) are often focused on process rather than outcome. Which tends to cause the same reaction – glazed look, disinterest, confusion.

Why? Because no-one really cares how it’s done, they just want to know what they’re going to get from it (if anything) and will make a decision there and then based on your answer.

By having an unclear message, that explains the process of what you do on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis, you’re cutting your leads significantly which results in much lower conversion rates.

Every resource you spend on marketing, (time, money, energy) should be strategic and focused on a return. However, not every resource you spend will convert – that’s just the nature of business – but without clarity, you’re making the process harder and longer than it needs to be.


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